67. Earth Gave Birth?

I just wish I could see the faces of my former astronomy/geology colleagues when they read about pregnant planets. Fiction is so fun!

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Commerce, Art and Freedom

I started Permyz because I had stories to tell and I figured people would rather encounter them in silly drawings than in footnoted novels. Having self-published software and a book, I at first thought of Permyz in business terms. It would earn its keep, by golly, with a regular update schedule, advertising, and a store-front.

There was just one problem: I’m also leaving the extractive economy as much as I can. Doing so takes big blocks of time: finding land, putting together a permy garden plan, etc. Since I’m not a former Disney animator, the drawing goes very slowly. Thus I have trouble meeting schedule, let alone marketing. So Permyz would appear not to be commercial.

Maybe that’s a good thing. Commercialization can compromise art, even sketchy cartoons. I’ve already had a suggestion to run product placements in the strip itself. But offering influence for hire would compromise a strip about regenerative living. OK, so I kept the Amazon storefront. Purists will be glad to know that no one has actually bought anything there. Hopefully people are finding interesting books, but reading copies they got from friends, local libraries or used book stores.

So, bottom line, I no longer expect Permyz to pay its way. At least not for a long time. It will continue, just without ads and without a set schedule. I think that keeps it fresh and free.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll come back soon.


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Homesteading in Ohio

Kimberly and I are in the throes of buying a property in Ohio. It’s a pretty piece, mostly forested, with a much smaller house (OK, a trailer!) than the one we live in now. About an acre remains cleared from long ago, and that’s where we’ll put an orchard and market garden. I look forward to using the land’s many cozy vistas for drawing practice. Speaking of which, Permyz will probably continue to limp along quality-wise for another month or so, and it may post a little late now and then. Somewhere in the midst of buying, selling and moving, I draw when I can, sometimes on a couch before dawn with a cat on my lap.


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Welcome new readers!

…and a quick shout out to Greg Baka, who told everybody he knew about Permyz last week (he apparently has a LOT of friends!). Check out Greg’s garden and digging tools and clothes drying racks.


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Back to 3 days a week

I checked the stats and let me put it this way: most who already know about Permyz keep coming back for more.

You rock! (All several dozen of you).

But I really need to get the word out. To do that, I’ll need to carve time out of my drawing schedule for publicity and site improvements. So for now, Permyz is back to  three days a week, generally Monday-Wednesday-Friday.


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Inkblot theme and webcomic plug-in

Over the weekend I ditched the bloated ball of mud that ComicPress had become and installed my new best web-authoring friend, InkBlot/Webcomic. This has made it much easier to start tweaking the design of For you, this means cool new features, the best being simpler navigation:

  • Click on the comic to view the next one
  • Right-arrow key: next comic.
  • Left-arrow key: previous comic.
  • Shift-right-arrow: last comic
  • Shift-left-arrow: first comic

I also expanded the store, combined the searches into a single widget for the whole site, and  added a tag cloud.

Hope you like it. I’ll be tweaking the site lots more over the next few weeks, so c’mon back!

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