6. Dirt Tech

OK, so some handfuls of soil have strep, staph, tetanus and a few plant diseases. But out of 10,000 to a million species, that’s not a whole lot of baddies.


1. Les: Don’t all those worms and bugs in the soil cause disease? Gigi: No, They and the plants evolved together to help each other out.
2. Gigi: This lump of dirt has over a billion living beings. Think of each one as a tiny experiment in life support, adapting to the others and to changing environments.
3. Gigi: Each cell lasts only a few minutes. Times billions of years and all the soil on Earth, that’s zillions of times more experiments than human science has ever performed.
4. Les: You mean soil is…high technology?
Gigi: Sorta puts that cell phone of yours to shame, doesn’t it?

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