8. Sheet Mulch


1. Gigi: This plot’s well-drained, close to the house, and gets over six hours of sun a day.
2. Les tries to catch newspapers as they blow away.
Gigi: The cardboard and newspaper suppress weeds.
3. Gigi (reaching from one keyhole to touch Les’ hand in the next): The keyholes let you reach everything in the bed.
4. Les: Ugh, trash!
Gigi: Isn’t it great? I get the coffee grounds and rotten veggies from the food coop. We need a couple inches.
5. Gigi: Now let’s add a foot of dry leaves and straw from my mowing–and compost pockets for this year’s crops.
6. By next spring the rest should rot down into rich, black humus, just squirming with worms.
7. Les: So to grow fresh veggies, start with rotten stuff?
Gigi: Yup. That’s basically it.
8. Les (covered with straw and leaves): That’s a lot to digest!

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