15. Date


1. Waiter: No, ma’am, I don’t know if they are raised locally.
Gigi: Well, can I get that without the eggs, bacon and cheese?
2. Les: You’re vegetarian? But you raise chickens.
Gigi: Yes, and I know each one by name.
3. Gigi: I make sure they have lots of fresh air, room to run around, shelter, and all the weeds and bugs they can eat.
4. I’ve earned their eggs. With its factory-farmed animal parts, this restaurant hasn’t. So here, I’m vegan.
5. Les: Um, so what’s your favorite TV show?
Gigi: I don’t watch TV.
6. Les: What do you do for fun? What’s the wildest thing you did in college?
Gigi: I didn’t attend college.
7. In a car outside Gigi’s house.
Gigi: Thanks for dinner, Les.
8. On Gigi’s porch.
Les: Good night, Gigi. You’re a really beautiful woman.
Gigi: And you drive a really nice car.

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