Permyz returns as a weekdaily on Wednesday, July 8

I knew the job was dangerous when I took it. Permyz began as a daily, without many strips in the queue, because I just couldn’t wait to share all the material I had gathered. Alas, I didn’t budget time to rest and grow as an artist, so a sniffle just clobbered me when I tried to do it all: draw, garden, volunteer, and celebrate 4th of July with my wonderful nephews and in-laws.

Anyway, Permyz took a 2-day break this week, resuming on Wednesday, July 8, as a weekdaily (Monday-Friday). It will retain its single strip format, with the occasional double (Sunday-sized) cartoon thrown in for fun.

Weekends are a great invention. Hopefully taking them off will make this strip about sustainability more…sustainable!


PS: Thanks so much to the hundreds who have already discovered this strip and shared it with friends.

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