17. Bike talk

Les’ car vs. bike statistics come from the Worldwatch Institute; you can find more bike trivia at Stumptown Mundo. As for roads and parking spaces causing extinctions, habitat loss accounts for 20-50% of the extinction rate (Thomas et al, Nature vol. 427, pp. 145-148, January 8, 2004).  Roads destroy habitat directly through displacement, and by partitioning it into areas too small for many animals to roam safely.


1. Marc: Les, why do you spend so much time messing around with bikes?
Les (sawing chainstays off a bike): Well a bike consumes 50 times fewer resources than a car.
2. Les (welding): If people used bikes instead of cars, 90% of roads and parking could return to the wild. It would clean the air, save lives, and save many species from extinction.
3. Marc: Yeah, and it would take forever to get anywhere, and you would always arrive sweaty.
Les: Hey, Marc, that was my motto at BigCo.
Outside Marc’s garage, with Robin in foreground.
4. Marc: Huh?
Les: Slow down and sweat the details.

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