19. Longtail

Les’ bike is an amalgam of the Yuba Mundo and some beautiful custom work by Brandco Industries.

Nothing beats a longtail for snow riding (more stable than walking) and store runs.

Maybe if I’m a really good boy, I’ll wake up some morning and my Bridgestone MB-4/Xtracycle rig will have magically turned into a Yuba Mundo.


1. Eddie: I haven’t seend a work bike like this since the peace corps. You weld it yourself?
Les: Yeah. I wanted to haul tools and friends without a car.
2. Eddie: I like the sound of that. I’m Eddie.
Les: Nice to meet you. I’m Les.
3. Eddie: You know what you have here, Les?
4. Eddie: The perfect datemobile!
Les: Really?!

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