27. Les vs. Toilet

This simple composting toilet is described in The Humanure Handbook (3rd edition), the definitive guide to the subject (also available as a free download from the publisher). Having tried one, I can vouch that it is odorless.



1. Eddie (handing Les a towel at the door of the bathroom): Why don’t you wash up? I’ll get you some dry clothes.
2. View of bucket toilet with wood shavings. Underside of lid reads: Composting Toilet. Pee, poop and T.P. only, please!! Cover with 1 or 2 scoops sawdust. [arrow points to bucket at right]. Empty when half full.
3. Les: What on Earth? There’s no indoor plumbing! Eddie (out of panel): Sure there is. The shower and sink work fine.
4. Les: The toilet, Eddie. The toilet! Eddie: Oh. yeah. Well, humanure is a terrible thing to waste.

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