28. Humanure

You can read more in The Humanure Handbook (3rd edition), the definitive guide to the subject (also available as a free download from the publisher).  I can vouch that the compost derived from it is excellent.



1. Les: Humanure?! Don’t tell me you’re growing food in fresh hot poop!
Eddie (handing him a stack of dry clothes): Of course not, Les.
2. Eddie (pointing out the window): We let it rot in that compost heap for two years first.
3. Eddie (voice-over close-up of compost heap): Bacteria digest it, raising the temperature to 150 F. That kills every pathogen in the first ten days.
4. Eddie: It’s sanitary if you keep the heap covered and aerated. Everyone here is really anal about that.
Les: Dude, that’s not the word I wanted to hear right now.

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