29. Humanure vs. Fertilizer

You can learn much more in The Humanure Handbook (3rd edition), the definitive guide to the subject (also available as a free download from the publisher).


1. Les: Why bother composting your poop, Eddie? Fertilizer can’t be that expensive.
Eddie: It costs more than you know: oil to make and move it, water for sewage.
2. Eddie: Besides, fertilizer is dead. Healthy soil lives, breathes and naturally recycles the nutrients in humanure.
Graphic: food web with arrows from soil to corn to people and back.
3. Eddie: Every time you flush, you turn a resource into waste, creating work and pollution.
Graphic: broken food web with oil refineries making fertilizer for the soil and sewage treatment plants dumping human waste to sea.
4. Eddie: Let’s have a look at the compost pile. You won’t believe the quality of the soil.
Les: No way–I just bathed!

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