33. Co-op Tour


1.Les: How do you like your co-op?
Connie: It’s great, but Brooke and I don’t live here. Gigi and Liza do.
Brooke: And Liza’s son Cy.
2.Les (snagging Cy by the collar): Hey, Cy, I thought you were my guide.
3.Cy: Right. What can I show you?
Les: Eddie says this is a permaculture co-op. How does that work?
4.Cy: Like a suburban jungle!
Les: Huh?
5.Cy: Instead of a lawn, we grow a diverse forest that feeds us.
Graphic: dense plantings in front yard.
6.Cy: Instead of fossil fuels and city water, we rely on the sun and rain.
Graphic: house with water catchment and passive solar installation.
7.Cy: Instead of TV and long commutes, we work and play together right here.
Graphic: people knitting, harvesting and strumming.
8.Les: So you’re going back to the land?
Cy: No, we’re bringing the land back to town.

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