35. Stalker


1.Marc: So now you’re NOT chasing Garden Girl. What brought you to your senses?
Les: Oh, I met a couple other nice women at the party.
Sound effect: “Bzle bzle.”
2.Marc (off-panel): Did you get any numbers?
Les (whipping out his mobile phone): Yeah, Marc. Check it.
Sound effect from phone: Bzle bzle.”
Phone text messages: Connie: Hey Les… Connie: Free 2nite?… Connie: Please call… Connie: Would U…
3.Marc (off-panel, left): Dude! This chick is all over your phone. What happened?
Les (off-panel, right): Nothing! We just rode around, drank some of her mead and talked bikes.
Nocturne with Connie and Les riding his bike.
4.Marc (off-panel): Sounds nice. What’s her bedroom like?
Les (off-panel): Well, she had to work early–hey, look!
Phone text messages: Free 2nite? FAIR TRANSIT rally. Capital. 8pm. Connie: Please call Senator McBucks to… Connie: Would U like to help make picket…
5.Marc: Ha ha! Leave it to Les to pick up a polito-stalker!

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