44. Obligate Carnivore

The starvation figure comes from Hope’s Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet (page 19)—an awesome, nearly life-changing book. If it inspires you to go vegan, I’d recommend NOT trying the included recipes, which either involve too much work or way too many onions. Better to start with The Peaceful Palate: Fine Vegetarian Cuisine (a great gift book for the new cook or vegan),  Vegan Planet: 400 Irresistible Recipes with Fantastic Flavors from Home and Around the World (just scant the noodles in all pasta dishes by half), or  Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook (for the terminally hip).

And yes, we have a cat who does tricks for lettuce. But so will a rabbit.


1.Connie (setting down a box): “What’s that?” Brooke (letting cat out of his cage: “His name is Printsy. Such a good kitty.”
2.Connie (with Printsy twining at her feet): “You own an obligate carnivore?! When meat starves 12 million children a year?”
3.Brooke: “Well, he’s ten years old, neutered, and does tricks for lettuce.”
4.Connie (now scratching a purring Printsy’ chin): “Lettuce, huh? That’s a start.”

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