46. Eat to Live

The permyz follow Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live regimen for all the reasons Gigi mentioned (Fuhrman doesn’t even describe the environmental benefits, but Francis Moore Lappe and Anna Lappe’s Hope’s Edge does). This diet seems especially well suited to home-grown food. In short, it just fits with permaculture.

By the way, the original crew of Biosphere 2 raised supposedly low-maintenance animals chosen specifically to eat agricultural by-products and not compete with human food production. But as Jane Poynter describes in The Human Experiment, the animals actually required lots of attention and provided only 150 calories a day¬† worth of food (less than a tenth of the bionauts’ actual diet). This suggests that ecologically speaking, animal food products should play a very minor role in our diet, and the medical data (Fuhrman) support this.


1.Brooke: So the house budgets only a couple ounces of sweets, dairy, starch, oil and meat per person per week?
2.Gigi: At most. And a pound each of fruit, leafy greens, cooked veggies and beans a day.
Brooke: Why?
3.Gigi: Well, it’s good for the earth and good for you. You’ll probably live a decade longer–
(Foreground) Eddie lays a huge, stinky fart.
4.Brooke (scooping ice cream into a bowl): I’m not sure I want to live that long!

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