50. Garden Therapy

Aaand we’re back to the larger size!


1.Gigi: Why so frenzied, Connie?
Connie: I just got back from Critical Mass. The Town Hall meeting starts in 40 minutes. I might miss Science Club!
Mobile phone rings.
2.Connie (checking phone): Oh, darn! The McNews blog just posted a piece praising clean coal, and comments close in 20 minutes!
3.Gigi (taking Connie by the hand): Come.
Connie (walking backwards, trying to text with one hand): No, Gigi! I don’t have time!
Gigi: It’s OK. The Garden has some to lend.
Sound effect: tap-tap-tap
4.Outside in a beautiful garden overflowing with loofah, okra, black-eyed Susans, French sorrel, asters, canna, chives and cantaloupe.
Connie: Whew!
Gigi: Yup.

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