54. Saving Private Lettuce


1.Box: How to Save Seeds
Caption: In warm weather, lettuce bolts: the leaves get bitter and it sends up a stalk.
Lettuce plant (sings): Summertime…so please don’t eat me.
2.Caption: After it blooms and sets seed, harvest on a dry day when the pods begin to open.
Brooke harvesting.
3.Caption: When completely dry, thresh the seeds loose.
Brooke’s hand, shaking and bashing the bag on a table.
Thought bubble (from bag): Ow! Hey! Hmm… I like it!
4.Caption: Winnow: use wind power to remove the chaff.
Gigi blinking as Brooke blows chaff in her face.
5.Store seeds in a cool, dry, dark place.
Jar label: Lettuce, Buttercrunch, garden 2, 2009 9-28
Seeds in the jar (thinking): Is it spring yet?

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