55. Save the Veggies!

To learn more about seed saving, visit the aptly-named seedsave.org.


1.Caption: Saving Veggie Seeds. Start with the best from your garden or farmer’s market–NOT supermarket hybrids!
Pictured: A watermelon, tromboncino squash and heirloom tomato watching a McMart “fresh” produce truck. Thought bubble: Harumph!
2.Caption: Most seeds can just air-dry on a towel.
Pictured: watermelon, butternut squash and bell pepper.
Caption: Clean with a drop of lemon oil to slow rot.
3.Caption: Let beans dry on the plant until brown (say, 6 weeks). If frost threatens, upgroot and hang the whole plant up. If you find weevils, freeze for 1 week.
Pictured: Brooke hanging bean plants.
4.Let very ripe tomato seeds ferment with their pulp until stinky (3 days). Add water.
Tomato seeds (thinking): Heh-heh! Wasn’t me! Was too.
Arrow (pointing to top of glass): Immature seeds float–discard!
Arrow (pointing to bottom of glass): Dry and save these.

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