56. Science Club: Equinox

Whoops, Connie forgot to mention that the most recent equinox was September 22, though from her diagram, some puzzle fans might deduce that it would happen about six months prior to the March 20 equinox.

If you you live up North and plan to extend your growing season, you need to get moving now (a month ago would have been better). The best reference on season extension that I’ve actually used is Eliot Coleman’s Four-Season Harvest. I have yet to read his new book The Winter Harvest Handbook, but it’s been getting good reviews, too.

And for all you hardcore permies out there, yes, we’ll be looking at perennials soon.  This first season Permyz has used annuals to get  a yield while building soil.

Oh, and watch for an unbelievably far-out new storyline next week…



1.Connie: For Science Club, I researched the equinox: when the sun is up exactly 12 hours everywhere in the world.
Figure: Earth and sun with equinoxes and solstices. Figure caption: Equinox–latin, “equal night”.
2.Connie: Here in the North, we’ll have longer nights than days until the next equinox on March 20.
Liza: And longer days South of the equator?
Connie: Right, Liza.
3.Connie: With shorter days, we’ll soon have frosts, ending the growing season for many annual plants.
Tomato plant: Uh-oh!
4.Liza: What do we do for food during the cold months?
Gigi: Well, these plants can survive a few frosts.
Garden row with kale, lettuce, onions, cabbage and leeks.
5.Connie: Some will even sprout up to a few weeks after first frost.
Garlic and seed packets for spinach, carrots and parsley.
6.Gigi: Others save through winter in the root cellar.
Root cellar with potatoes, nuts, apples, squash and pumpkins.
7.Connie: Gigi’s garden protects plants from wind and ice, so we’ll have fresh greens in even the coldest months.
Arrows: sun-ward slope, wind break, row covers.
8.Brooke: What?! We’ll be gardening all winter?!
Gigi: Just think of it as a daily ski vacation, Brooke.

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