57. Take me!

I once shared a house with several massage therapists, one of whom introduced me to permaculture. Another was a huge UFO fan. We got along great, partly because, in my pre-teen years before I got into science, I read every U.F.O. book and article I could get my hands on. Eventually the science lore won out: it just hangs together better, and you can do things with it. As for the UFOs, well, it’s fun to wonder, isn’t it?


1.Eddie packing a bag. Liza (in doorway): Going somewhere?
2.Eddie (packing a strange cylinder labeled — detector): Oh, just a road trip to see some friends in New York.
3.Eddy packing a telescope. Liza: Amateur astronomers?
4.Eddie (wearing a U.F.O. T-shirt and donning a baseball cap with a space alien head that says take me!): Something like that…

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