61. So Liberated

Brooke, Connie and Liza are taking the news rather well, aren’t they?

Sorry to leave you hanging, but some personal travel will interrupt Permyz for a few days.  I actually had a nice buffer going, but it ran out after a prior bout of travel followed by the lengthy process of introducing the new cast page and Amma and watercolor with a bad cold during extremely wet weather (which causes ink to bleed). Anyway, please check back on Friday, October 23 for more Permyz adventure.



1.Liza: So Amma, are you really…not of this Earth?
Amma: Well, I was born in Spain, but I did live 70 centuries in space.
2.Connie: Wow, Gigi must have a thousand siblings.
Amma: Nope. She’s my one and only.
3.Connie (smiling in amazement, grasping Amma’s hands): you waited over 7,000 years to have a child?!
Amma: Yup.
4.Connie (hugging Amma): You’re the most liberated woman alive!

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