What Happened to Permyz? (a novel)

Sorry Permyz froze up for a couple months. Commitments at home and an invention idea sidelined the strip for awhile. However, before I could post to let you know what was going on, my ancient laptop began exploring a new career as a door stop.

I’d seen the warning signs for a couple years. First the sound card quit. Then the mouse driver. Now the file system had developed Alzheimer’s.

What would you do with a 7-year-old laptop? Trash it? Replace it with something twice as fast and 3 times cheaper?

Not if you’re a permaculturist. The hardware still worked fine, but latest software updates had abandoned it. Time for an Ubuntu-ectomy.

After some searching among the hundreds of Linux distributions, I found a lean one called Puppy. Booting it from the live CD-ROM brought everything back to life again. The track pad worked! YouTube didn’t freeze up and I could even hear music again! Puppy lives in RAM, so everything launched and ran several times faster. GIMP (which I use to tweak scans) just flew!

Now I boot Puppy from a flash drive, so I don’t even need a working hard disk or CD-ROM. This way, who knows? Maybe I won’t need another computer for 7 years or more. And when the time comes, I might even dumpster-dive for it like Eddie Buckeye.

Anyway, Permyz will resume, right where we left off, on January 6.

P.S.: Happy New Year!

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