66. Amma’s Retirement

There was no strip Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Please check back later this week (hopefully Wednesday) for the next strip and a brief blog post about freedom, art, commerce and permaculture.


Amma: Immortality is no picnic, Brooke. I was happy to retire.
Connie: You make it sound like a job.

Amma (voice-over; view from inside a Gaiome): It was, Connie. My people never took up writing, so it was my privilege to keep our wisdom fresh.

Brooke: So why did you quit, Amma?
Amma: I dreamed of having a child and returning to Earth. Eventually a protege came forward.

Brooke: So everything worked out?
Amma: Yep. She finished her apprenticeship in just three centuries.

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