Commerce, Art and Freedom

I started Permyz because I had stories to tell and I figured people would rather encounter them in silly drawings than in footnoted novels. Having self-published software and a book, I at first thought of Permyz in business terms. It would earn its keep, by golly, with a regular update schedule, advertising, and a store-front.

There was just one problem: I’m also leaving the extractive economy as much as I can. Doing so takes big blocks of time: finding land, putting together a permy garden plan, etc. Since I’m not a former Disney animator, the drawing goes very slowly. Thus I have trouble meeting schedule, let alone marketing. So Permyz would appear not to be commercial.

Maybe that’s a good thing. Commercialization can compromise art, even sketchy cartoons. I’ve already had a suggestion to run product placements in the strip itself. But offering influence for hire would compromise a strip about regenerative living. OK, so I kept the Amazon storefront. Purists will be glad to know that no one has actually bought anything there. Hopefully people are finding interesting books, but reading copies they got from friends, local libraries or used book stores.

So, bottom line, I no longer expect Permyz to pay its way. At least not for a long time. It will continue, just without ads and without a set schedule. I think that keeps it fresh and free.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll come back soon.


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