The Cast

In order of appearance

Les Milkweed (27)

retired as VP of Design at BigCo to pursue a more
fulfilling life of freeloading, dumpster-diving and
bicycle repair.

Gigi Grove (22)

permaculturist, organic urban
guerrilla gardener, and co-founder
of the Cattail Housing Co-op.

Marc Clay (28)

V.P. of Marketing for BigCo, Inc.
Currently sharing his house with
his former colleague and college
roommate, Les.

Connie Nettle (24)

a rabble-rousing vegan deep
ecologist, long-time produce buyer for
GreenGo Organic Co-op and
Gigi’s best friend.

Eddie Buckeye (62)

aging flower child and
co-founder of Cattail Housing Co-op,
now just waiting for his UFO to come in.

Liza Vervain (40)

Cattail resident. Sweet on Eddie.

Brooke Stirling (26)

comes from money and
knows how to spend it.
Recently moved into Cattail co-op.

Cy Vervain (16)

Liza’s son. Cattail resident.

Jake Stirling (51)

Brooke’s dad and recently laid-off car company executive.

Printsy (10)

Brooke’s cat.
Recently moved
in to Cattail Co-op.

Amma (?)

Gigi’s mother, has lived off-Earth for over 7,000 years.